Test Fixtures
Test Fixtures

We design & build Bed of nails test fixtures for ICT MDAs like Teradyne, GenRad and HP 3070. We also design and Manufacture dedicated functional testers to the customerís needs and specification.

Well equipped with Excellon CNC drilling & Routing machines, In house machine Shop, Probe insertion and structured wire wrapping/ crimping facilities support our Endeavour to deliver the efficient test interface for demanding customer needs. In-house ICT machines and our electronics domain knowledge compliment us with unmatched competency and edge to deliver the best in short time.

Our Capabilities in Text Fixtures :
  • Design for Testability case study of Electronic Assembly.
  • Test Fixtures, Test Jigs Design & Fabrication for MDA / ICT.
  • ICT Program Development for GenRad, Teradyne, HP 3070.
  • ICT Fixture Kits from reputed Manufactures & Spares.
  • Test Probes & ICT test Accessories.
  • Functional & Go - No Go Testers, Test benches.
  • ATE based Functional Test Development.
  • Boundary Scan / J- Tag Testing.
  • We provide Third party testing services on Captive ICT/MDA machines.
  • Test Fixture wiring, Retrofitting, Modifications & Refurbishment.
  • Tel : +91 (80) 2524 4666, Fax : +91 (80) 2534 3194, email : contact@qualtech.in