Prototype PCB Manufacturing
Prototype PCB Manufacturing
We undertake single layer to 4 layer prototype PCB manufacturing
  • Ability to work from any type of electronic inputs or Physical inputs.
  • Capabilities like Blind, High Aspect Ratio, and High Insulation Characteristics.
  • Finishing and plating Like Electro less Nickel, Hard Gold, Immersion Gold, Carbon Printing Etc.,
  • Raw materials from Reputed manufacturers Like Iosla, Polyclad, Getek, Nanya, Nelco, Arlon based on the end user requirement and complexity of the PCB design.
  • V-Groove, Knock out Panels, CNC routing, CNC drilling.
  • Tel : +91 (80) 2524 4666, Fax : +91 (80) 2534 3194, email :