Product Testing
Product Testing

We take up testing of populated electronic boards on our captive ICT testers. We are equipped with GenRad 2281i , Teradyne 1860VP & HP3070- Series -II .

State of the art modern test equipments enable us to test all types of telecom equipments for their functionality and performance. The unique advantage of our expert service engineers capabilities will identify & assess the gray areas of functionality and predicted failures.

If you are importing any telecom product we can help you to test and certify the same.

Know our Test Infrastructure
Our telecom Infrastructure services includes :
  • WiMax Infrastructure
  • BTS & Shelter Integration for WiMax /GSM / CDMA
  • RF survey & In Building Solutions
  • RF coverage solutions & RF Black Holes identification
  • BTS Installation & Maintenance
  • WiFi / Point to Point Radios long haul bandwidth
  • IP telephony, IP camera surveillance IPBX & EPABX solutions
  • Polycom Video & Audio Conferencing solutions
  • Class room & Distant learning solutions
  • ADSL Broad Band solutions
  • GPS & Vehicle tracking solutions
  • PSTN Switch Installation & Maintenance
  • Telecom Infra maintenance schedules
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