Qualtech Telesys

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Product Design Services

Qualtech provides end to end turnkey solutions in total product development life cycle services from concept to proto type and manufacturing management.

Qualtech works in the technology areas of medical, defense, telecommunications, wireless, automation and intelligent & experts systems. Qualtech can also address black box and sub assembly / module level design for the specific application defense, aerospace and as per the customer requirement.

Qualtech teams posse’s high degree of engineering and application knowledge to conceive innovative and challenging designs. Our teams are capable of high density PCB design, micro controllers, embedded system design, user interfaces, device drivers, application software, DFM micro controllers, micro processors, RF design, SMPS design.

Qualtech is equipped with well test labs and is capable of proto type manufacturing and testing. Qualtech is also capable of DFT, JTAG, boundary scan and design and manufacturing of ATEs/ test fixtures/ jigs.